5 Websites To Earn By Selling eBooks, Software, Themes & Other Digital Items

If you have skill to develop software , ebooks or other digital items, you can make money quickly by selling your digital products to internet users. There are thousands of people on the web, who are making huge passive income by selling eBooks, software, themes , videos or web templates etc.
If you have knowledge of any useful subject, you can write an eBook and upload your eBook to popular eBook selling marketplaces to make money from every sale.

There are hundreds of useful online marketplaces which allow you to sell your products, but most of those websites require VAT number , GST or other types of business corporation related informations. Here we’ve listed only those, which allow individual writers, software developers & designers to sell their digital products easily and can be joined free of cost.

You can write an eBook on any of your interested topics, but you need to understand the market demand. Usually people love to read eBooks on almost all topics but if you write an eBook on highly popular topics, it would be very easy to sell your eBook. If you have deep knowledge in any of these topics , you can earn passive income by selling eBooks. Suggested topics- Computer languages, web programming, teaching, grammar, business , cooking , health , story writing,  marketing & motivational topics.

Steps to make money with eBook- First decide the topic, then write the eBook on word document ,after completing the eBook, convert it to PDF format. Make sure, your eBook should be useful for people. After completing your eBook, publish it on any of the listed websites with your desired price, name other essential information.

After publishing your eBook successfully, you’ll need to promote your eBook. Try any of the described promotion methods and earn money from each sale.

eBook Promotion Methods- After publishing your eBook, you need to promote your eBook to generate huge sales. When you publish eBook, you will get a link of your eBook listing page. You can use different methods to promote your eBook. You can try Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising system to drive customer to your page. If you choose advertising method, you will need to invest money, but we would suggest you to try free promotional methods for your eBook.

 Here are some suggestions including free promotional methods:

• Google Adwords -              Paid method
• Facebook Advertising-       Paid method
• Blog Promotion-                 Free method
• Forum Posting -                  Free method
• YouTube Videos Creation- Free method
 • Social Networks-               Free method
• Social Pages -                     Free method
• Commenting-                      Free method
• Promotion via apps-            Free method
• Facebook Photo Tagging-   Free method

List Of Websites To Sell Your eBooks, Software & Digital Items

1 . Codecanyon.net 

2. https://gumroad.com/

3. https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/

4. https://sellfy.com/

5. https://www.instamojo.com/

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