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Do you want to make money by developing Android or iOS mobile applications ? There are thousands of app developers on the web who are making thousands of dollars per month. If have knowledge of programming languages, you can also make money by developing iOS ( iPhone, iPad & Mac Apps) or Android mobile apps.

 Currently there are two major mobile app platforms on the internet which are Apple Appstore ( for iPhone, iPad & Mac Apps ) and Google Play Store (for Android apps). Although there are some more app stores such as Windows Appstore or Amazon Appstore but if you want to make decent money, I would recommend only iOS and Android platforms because these two app stores generate heavy sales from paid apps.

You can also make passive income by developing free apps. You can monetize your free apps with high paying ads and earn passive income easily. Okay now I am going to talk about the process of making money from both of these app stores.

Process of Mobile App Development

Developing mobile app requires little investment as developer fee. If you want to publish iOS app on Apple Appstore, you have to pay developer fee annually but Google charges only one time developer fee for Google Play Store.

 Steps to make money with mobile apps

1. Create profile and pay developer fee– First you have to pay developer fee to access member area of any app store. After paying developer fee, you have to fill some information about yourself. You can pay developer fee through your credit card. Apple accept developer fee through credit card. After paying developer fee, you can start your work by downloading SDK.

Developer Fee

Google Play Store– $25 ( One time Fee )

Link- https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/6112435?hl=en

Apple Appstore – $99 ( Annual Fee )

Link- https://developer.apple.com/

2. Download SDK to develop or edit app source code – SDK ( Software Development Kit ) lets you write or edit code , compile and test your app on virtual device. For Apple iOS Appstore, you have to download Xcode and Google offers Android Studio SDK to write or edit code. Xcode runs only on Mac operating system but Android Studio supports almost all OS such as Windows, Mac & Linux.

After installing SDK, you can start making apps by writing codes manually or editing any existing app source code. You can find thousands of readymade app source codes on the web which can be used commercially. Thousands of app developers sell their codes to make money, you can buy their app source codes and change design of the app and publish those apps with your own name and label on the App Stores.

Suggested websites to buy source codes-

1. http://www.chupamobile.com/ ,
2. https://codecanyon.net/category/mobile ,
3. http://www.binpress.com/browse .

You can also browse www.github.com to find free open source codes. But first, you have to learn editing or writing codes on Xcode or Android Studio. Don’t worry, you can find thousands of helpful tutorial videos on YouTube and tons of articles on the web on this topic.
 Here we’ve listed some useful websites to learn app development deeply. You can also find thousands of YouTube tutorial videos on Android & iOS app development.

Useful Websites To Learn App Development :
http://codewithchris.com/ ( iOS tutorials articles )
http://www.appcoda.com ( iOS tutorials articles )
https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html ( Android app tutorials by Google )

Useful Links Of Video Tutorials :

• Android App Development Tutorials - Jerry Banfield's Full Video Tutorial

• iOS App Development Tutorials - CodewithChris's Video Tutorials

Hope, you will learn app development easily with the help of these websites and video tutorials.
 3. Monetize or Sell Apps – If you want to make money by creating free app, you can monetize your app with high paying ad networks to earn money through ads. You can also make money by selling your app as paid version on the app stores. Usually developers make both version – free version with ads and paid version without ad. After uploading your app code to the App store, you can set price and submit other information about your app.

4. Promote your app – After publishing your app on the App stores, you have to promote your app on the internet to generate downloads. More download means more income.
App marketing is one of the most important parts to make any app popular, because you cannot expect good income with the low popularity of your app. If your app is downloaded by more than 100k users, you can expect decent money.

If your app receives high ranking on the app store search result pages, you can expect lots of downloads ,but getting top position on the app store depends on three main things which are – (i) lots of users rating, (ii) large number of downloads and (iii) customer reviews.

If you have skill to develop app but don’t want to invest your money and time in app business, you can do freelance jobs on freelancing websites. Usually an active & experienced app developer makes $1500 to $5000 per month on freelancing websites like Freelancer.com , upwork.com . You can find hundreds of high paying projects on these websites.

List Of Ad Networks To Monetise Your Free App With Ads

Optional method: If you don't want to learn programming for app development then you can use some online app builder platforms which help users make mobile apps easily in very short time. With the help of these platforms, you can save your time and hard work but you cannot expect high quality and professional apps from these platforms . These platforms are mainly used to create mobile apps for your own websites , blogs and other web services.  Lets see the website list-

1. https://thunkable.com/

2.  https://www.kodular.io/

3. https://appybuilder.com/

4 . https://appery.io/

5. https://buildfire.com/

6. https://ibuildapp.com/
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