Shoot & Publish Videos To Make Money Online With Youtube & Other Sites

You might have noticed ads on YouTube videos and other video sharing websites. Most of those video sharing websites offer revenue sharing program that means, you will earn money by uploading videos. Thousands of popular singers, filmmakers, teachers, dancers and marketers are making huge money by uploading videos to YouTube & other video sharing platforms.

YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms where users can earn money by uploading their own videos. YouTube offers video monetisation option for members.

You can make videos on any of popular topics such as tutorial videos, health tips, beauty tips, yoga, songs, video album, business, motivation, marketing etc. YouTube pays to their members via Google Adsense. First you have to upload some creative and original videos to your YouTube account. If your videos are viewed by internet users, you can apply for monetisation. Google Adsense team will review your YouTube account and if your account is approved by Google Adsense, you can earn money through YouTube.

You can also join other video sharing websites which also offer revenue sharing program but you cannot expect high income like YouTube. Although Facebook has started their new revenue sharing video platform which is Facebook Watch (Ad Breaks ) and Facebook payment system is very similar to YouTube. Before joining Facebook Ad breaks program, your FB page must have more than 10000 fans and 30K video views.

To give your videos professional touch, you can use any good video editing apps. There are lots of video editors on the Google Play Store and Apple Appstore, you can choose any of those to create your videos. YouTube also provides video manager, video creator and video editor tools to create videos quickly.

Revenue Sharing Video Platforms For Video Uploaders

YouTube is one of the best platforms to make money with your videos. If you want to learn it deeply, you must watch some tutorial videos on YouTube.  I would suggest you to watch YouTube tutorial videos of YouTube Creator .

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