Learn How To Create A Blog & Make Money From Blogging

Do you want to make money by blogging ? If yes, I'm going to tell you the process of making money through blogging including some useful resources. There are lots of ways to make money on the internet but blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to blog, this article will help you to understand basic things of blogging easily.

 1. Pick a good name for your blog and set up your blog – First you have to decide the topic of your blog and then you can choose the name of your blog. After choosing your name, you can purchase domain and hosting space from any popular hosting provider. Website development task requires three main basic things which are – (a) Domain name ( b ) Web hosting space and ( c ) Website Script ( website platform )

Setting up your blog

( a ) Domain Name – Domain name is the name of your website. There are many domain registrars on the internet where you can buy domain name for your site. Most of domain registrars also offer web hosting services. If you want to set up your own blog or website, first you have to purchase domain name.

There are two types of domain name which are – Top level domain name ( for example- google.com , facebook.com etc ) and Sub domain ( as mail.google.com , blog.facebook.com , adsense.blogspot.com etc ) . Sub domain is a part of any top level domain name. There are many free blogging platforms on the web, which offer free web hosting space with free sub domains, if you are a beginner and don’t want to purchase top level domain name, you can start blogging with any free blogging platform which offer free sub domain, but making money through free blog with sub domain name is very hard because it takes long time to gain popularity and achieve regular readers, so we would suggest you to invest little money and purchase domain name.

Some popular domain & hosting providers on the web where you can purchase your domain name and web hosting space.

 ( b ) Web Hosting Space – Web hosting space is provided by web hosting companies. Web hosting space is your own online storage where you will store files of your website. Usually all domain registrars also offer hosting space, you should purchase domain name and hosting plan through the same company so that you don’t have to link your domain name servers and other information manually to your hosting account.

( c ) Website Script ( Website platform ) – There are many popular website scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal , Vanilla , PhpBB etc. Website script is the main user interface of any website where administrator ( website owner ) and users view, edit or publish their content.

For blogging, I would recommend WordPress because of its features. WordPress is used by millions of bloggers and website owners and it comes with tons of features. You can add tons of features by installing different types of plugins through plugin section of WordPress. You can also try another blogging script, but I would highly recommend WordPress.

If you are a beginner and don’t have any idea about this, I would recommend you to create a blog with Google’s free blogging platform www.blogger.com that lets you set up your blog easily. Blogger is operated by Google and you can use this free blogging platform with any of your gmail accounts. Blogger offers free website hosting and lots of free features including free sub domain name for your site.

Although free subdomain is not considered good for website reputation, branding and search engine optimization ( SEO ) . You can also purchase a top level domain name at low cost through any domain registrar company and configure custom domain name to your blogger account for your blog branding.

You can find many YouTube tutorial videos on setting up custom domain name on blogger.com . For this, just search on YouTube this sentence “How to set up custom domain name on blogger.com” . You will see hundreds of useful videos which will teach you to set up custom domain name for your blog.

 Video Tutorial To Setup Free Blog With blogger.com


 Video Tutorial To Setup Professional Wordpress Blog


Now, you have set up your blog, you can sign up for https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/ (Google Analytics) to track page views and daily visitors of your blog. Google Analytics tracks your website and gives you many useful information such as daily visitors , page views, location of your readers, their age, device , your most visited pages etc.

You have to put Google Analytics code to your website’s template. If you don’t know how to this, you can search about this topic on Google or watch lots of useful videos on YouTube. You should also verify your website on Google Search Console - https://search.google.com/search-console/about because it helps you understand your website performance in Google search.

2 Choose Any Popular Topic For Your Blog – Now you have set up your blog completely and the next step is choosing popular topics for your blog. You should choose your interested topics, so that you can write articles easily on those topics. Although you should choose your interested topics but there are some highly popular topics on the web which drive
 lots of visitors, if you write articles on those topics, your blog will start receiving lots of readers within few weeks. Here are some suggested topics for your blog-

(i) Business & Investment
(ii) Health & Fitness
(iii) Education & Career
 (iv) News
(v) Real Estate
(vi) Software & Mobile Apps Reviews
 (vii) Movies & Entertainment
(viii) Sports
(ix) Travel & Tourism
(x) Religion & Devotional Topics

3 Writing Articles On Your Selected Topics – Writing articles in a perfect way gives you lots of readers to your blog. If you have money but don’t have writing skill, you can hire any article writer from freelancing websites like www.freelancer.com or www.iWriter.com  to get quality articles on your selected topics. If you have writing skill, start writing articles on your blog. Publish 2-3 articles daily with some useful resources so that readers may visit your site again and again. Don’t stop writing articles until your blog has at least 100 articles. Here are some tips for writing articles, if possible, try to follow all of these rules to get quick benefits:

(a) Each article should contain at least 400 words , standard article length is considered 800-900 words.

(b) Add some images to your each article which are related to article’s topic.

(c) If possible, try to embed some YouTube videos to your articles which are really useful and related to your content.

(d) Add few internal and external links to each article.

(e) Try to insert popular keywords which are related to
articles’ topic.

4. Use some SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) tricks – Lots of bloggers spend heavy time to optimize their website for search engines so that their websites could perform well on search engine result pages. There are over than 200 SEO factors but I don’t think all of those are effective. Only few of those play the main roles for search engine result pages ( SERP ) .

 I wouldn’t suggest you to spend heavy time on those SEO tricks. Just write your articles and share your each article’s link on some popular websites such as Google Plus , Facebook Pages, Twitter , Pinterest , Reddit and Stumbleupon . First you have to create pages on these social sites, verify your site and then you can share your links. Verifying your website on Google Plus Pages and Pinterest lets you receive do follow links which are useful to get high rank on Google search.

You can view SEO guide articles by Google free of cost.

5. Monetize your blog & make money online – When your site will start receiving more than 500-1000 visitors per day, you can monetize your blog with any high paying ad network. There are more than 500 trusted advertising networks but all of those don’t pay you high rate for showing ads.
Google Adsense and some other ad networks pay only high rates for your blog ad space. First apply for Google Adsense, if your application is rejected by Google Adsense Review Team then you can try another ad network. Google Adsense is the king of all ad networks and it pays 10 times higher than other ad network.
I think, if your site receives more than 5 thousand visitors per day, you can make decent money online by monetizing your blog with different types of ads and sponsored products and if you want to make your blog popular on the internet, you have to use some online marketing strategies and it may take more than a year.

If you need quick money, I would recommend you to join any freelancing website and start working on your suitable projects. Whenever you complete any project, you will be paid by job provider. Although blogging gives you more money and popularity but it takes time. If you have time and writing skill, I would highly recommend spend time on blogging to make easy money online without working hard. Start your blog today and make money from the internet.

Suggested Top 5 Ad Networks

(i) https://www.google.com/adsense

(ii) https://www.buysellads.com/

(iii) http://www.infolinks.com/

(iv) https://chitika.com/

( v ) http://www.media.net/

In the simple words,

1. Purchase hosting & domain name for your blog,
2. Setup your Wordpress blog
3. Install any good Wordpress theme
4. Write articles regularly
5. Monetise your blog and make money.

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