Earn Money With 5Paisa & Invest To Get Higher Returns Than FD

Do you want to earn money your in your spare time ? If your answer is yes, this article may be useful for you. Here I will talk about 5Paisa partner program and its services. If you want to invest your money or want to earn money from your referrals, this program would be the best option. Okay let's talk about the program.

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5Paisa Partner Program Benefits :- When you refer people to create an account in 5paisa.com and your referred person activate his/her account with necessary documents, you will receive Rs. 1000 for that.

Earnings : For example, If you send 100 people in a day to create accounts in 5paisa, and only 5 people activate their accounts, you will earn 5 x 1000 = Rs. 5000 . If you work full time to promote this service and you refer an average of 5 users per day, your monthly earnings would be Rs. 150000/=

How to promote 5paisa :- If you spend lots of time in WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Twitter & YouTube, you can easily utilize their services. You can send your referral links to your friends, fans , followers and family members. You can also comment on popular and trending posts and videos to get lots of views.

Why should people join this program: 5Paisa offers various useful services including a great partner program. When you create a 5Paisa account, you can

1. Invest your money in SIP or Mutual Funds directly ( for Higher returns than FD )
2. Buy or sell shares ( NSE & BSE Share Market )
3. Buy IPO
4. Buy & Renew Bike, Car & Health Insurance
5. Refer people to 5Paisa and earn money

How to create 5Paisa account - You can easily open your demat account in 5paisa online if your Aadhar is linked with your registered mobile number. To create an account in 5paisa, you will need to capture photos of your Aadhar card, Pan card, Bank account proof ( cancelled cheque or bank passbook with photo id ) , your signature sample and your photo. Take clear photos of these documents. 5Paisa may take upto 3 days to verify and activate your account fully.

Note:- You can access your 5Paisa partner program only when your account will be fully activated. To access your partner program after fully activation- just visit www.5paisa.com/partner .

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