RozDhan Money Earning App- Earn Part time Rs 5000 to 40000 Per Month

In this article, I will talk about Rozdhan money earning app which helps you to earn money online. If you work 2 to 8 hours a day, you can earn Rs 5000 to 50000 per month.

If you are a student, housewife, retired person or unemployed and want to earn extra money by working part time from your mobile phone, this app would be the best option.

RozDhan Best Money Earning App For Indians

You can earn money easily with this app. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Download RozDhan app ( Earn Rs. 25 for joining ),
2. Verify your mobile & select language,
3. Enter Invite code to earn instant Rs. 25,
4. Complete Profile & Read FAQ to more points,
5. Now start earning by reading news, sharing articles, playing games & inviting friends.

Step 1. Download RozDhan app on your mobile. 

The first step is downloading RozDhan app on your android mobile phone from Google Play store.
You can also download this app from the link given below, it will open your Google Play app directly.

Click here to download RozDhan app

Step 2. Verify your account with mobile number or gmail

Now you have to verify your mobile number through SMS or WhatsApp. After then you will see language selection option. 

Select your preferred language and login to your RozDhan mobile app.

Step 3. Enter Invite Code & Earn Instant Money

Now you have to enter Invite code to earn instantly Rs. 50 . ( Rs25 for joining + Rs25 for Invite Code) .

Enter this invite code -   08DLKV

Step 4. Complete Profile & Read FAQ 

After entering invite code, now you have to complete profile & read FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question ) to earn 300 points.

Step 5. Start Earning From Daily Tasks & Referrals

Now you can start earning money from your mobile by using RozDhan app.

To keep your account active, you can read some news and share few articles daily. It will also help you to earn some daily coins.

You can earn unlimited by inviting your friends. Rozdhan currently gives you 1500 coins for each referral ( Rs. 6 ) when your referred person completes his/her profile and read news for at least two days.

But the main earnings comes from 2nd level referral program, where you can earn money from your referrals' earnings.

Only you need to ask them to enter your invite code to their accounts so that both ( you & your referred users ) can get instant money.

For example- You work daily for 2-3 hours and refer 30 users per day, you can refer around 900 to 1000 users per month. 1000 x 6 = Rs. 6000/= ( Instant money credit within two days ).

You will earn more automatically when your referred users also refer another users to this app. For example, 100 active referrals out of your 1000 referrals remain active & send 200 people to Rozdhan monthly, you will earn 100 x 200 x Rs. 1 ( 2nd level referral program ) = Rs . 20000/=

Your total income would be:- Rs. 6000 ( 1 level referral program) + Rs. 20000 ( 2nd level referral program ) = Rs. 26000 .

You can earn even more by promote articles, sharing ranking lists and playing games.  Start earning from today by using Rozdhan app.

How to promote Rozdhan app to earn more referrals

You can promote your referral code through WhatsApp , Facebook , SMS , Blog & YouTube. You can also promote your referral links on popular trending & popular posts & videos' comment section.

To earn more you can join popular Facebook groups , WhatsApp groups & because these places can send you more referrals. 
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