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In this article, I've listed 5 best car racing games for iPhone & Android smartphones. These apps comes with smooth and beautiful user interface. These car racing games have realistic graphics so that you can feel real driving experience. Okay let's view the list of fun car racing games.


Best Car Racing Games For iPhone & Android

1. CSR racing 2- Best Car Racing Game For Mobile ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best multiplayer car racing games for iPhone & Android. If you want to play and compete with other racers, this car racing game would be the best option for your smartphone. CSR racing app has lots of useful and interesting features and comes with high quality realistic graphics.

 When you play the game, you can feel its graphic quality. If you love driving, you would love this car racing game. The app lets you compete against live players across the world with your desired car such as McLaren P1™, LaFerrari, Koenigsegg One:1 and many more.


This car racing game has many interesting features including beautiful 3d graphics, customizable cars, real time racing with challenges and build your dream garage with over 200 vehicles. Recommended car racing game for iPhone and Android users.

Download CSR car racing game on iPhone

Download CSR car racing app on Android

2. Asphalt 9- Car Racing Game With Real Life Locations ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best arcade racing games for smartphone and it lets you feel thrilling experience of fearless racing game. Asphalt app has lots of gaming features such as customizable ride, breathtaking thrilling real world locations with 80 racing tracks, single/multiplayer mode, smart and manual racing control option and many other options. Very interesting car racing game that has beautiful gaming interface and realistic graphics. 

Download Asphalt racing game on iPhone

Download Asphalt racing game on Android


3. Traffic Racer - Best Car Racing Game To Improve Driving Skill ( iPhone & Android ):-

If you love endless arcade racing game, Traffic racer game would be the best car racing game for your smartphone. Very interesting game that lets you train driving in highway traffic If you want to improve your driving skill in heavy traffic area, this app may be very useful. With the help of this app, you can easily improve your racing skill in highway traffic area. 

The game has 15 different models for traffic so that you can easily improve driving while playing the racing game. Traffic racer app has many useful features such as 40+ car models, 15 traffic models, beautiful 3d graphics, 5 gaming modes and 5 environments gaming interface. One of the best fun car racing games for iPhone & Android users.

Download Traffic racer game on iPhone

Download Traffic racer gaming app on Android

4. Dr Driving 2- Best Car racing app for realistic driving experience ( iPhone & Android ):-

Fun car racing game that comes with lots of amazing car racing features. You can feel real driving with real time online multiplayer. The app has multi stage levels of racing game. One of the biggest mobile driving simulation games and it comes with high quality graphics. 

Download Dr Driving app on iPhone

Download Dr. Driving gaming app on Android

5. CarX Drift - Best Car Racing Game ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best real car racing games for iPhone and Android users. It comes with realistic gaming interface and lets users feel real car racing experience. 

 CarX Drift racing game has many interesting features such as realistic gaming interface with high quality animations, sports cars, unique driving surfaces - asphalt, grass and sand. Fun realistic racing game that contains lots of options including multiplayer option, cusotmizable controls, career mode, original car engine sound and licensed soundtracks. Best car racing game for smartphone users. 
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