Try 5 Best Photo Stickers Maker Apps To Add Moustaches, Beards, Sun glasses & More [2022]

If you want to add photo stickers on your photos, this article will suggest you 5 best photo stickers apps for your iPhone & Android. With the help of these fun photo stickers apps, you can change your photos easily by adding realistic stickers such as moustaches, beards, hairstyles, emojis, clothes, tattoos, sun glasses etc. Try any of these fun photo stickers apps on your iPhone & Android phone.

Best Photo Sticker Apps For iPhone & Android

1. πŸ™Œ ImgLabs Editor To Add Photo Stickers, Moustaches, Beards, Costumes, Animals & More (  for iPhone only) -

Basically this is a photo editing application for iPhone & iPad users but it comes with lots of realistic photo stickers which can be added to your photographs easily.

If you want to try new looks on your face, try this awesome app. The app contains hundreds of realistic photo stickers such as moustaches, beards, hair wigs, clothes, super hero costumes,  tattoos, sun glasses, animals etc.

This app lets you try different styles of clothes, suites and super hero costumes on your face. Fun photo app that contains more than 25 editing tools.

ImgLabs includes lots of amazing tools to edit, retouch and enhance your photographs. You can create awesome photo collages with lots of photos.

Main features of this photo sticker & editor app :

πŸ’ƒ Clothes Stickers:- You can try different types of clothes on your body. This app contains clothes changing option, you can easily add your interested clothes stickers to your body.

😎 Eye Glasses :- This tool helps you look attractive and beautiful. You can easily add sun glasses to your photos. The app contains eye glasses photo stickers for both - male & female.

πŸ‘š Body  Stickers:- This tool is very similar to clothing tool. You can add body photo stickers on face to change your photo dramatically. This tool can be used for many purposes such as creating funny memes, promotional ads and more.

😎 Tattoos :- Do you love tattoos? If you love tattoos on  your body, this tool can be very useful. You can put tattoos photo stickers on your body to look attractive.

😎 Beards & Moustaches : If you want to create funny photos or want to change look of your face, you must try this option. You can add moustaches & beards on your face to change your look easily. You can also add funny beards or moustaches to create funny photos or memes.

πŸ‘š Super Hero Costumes Stickers: If you want to look like super heroes by wearing their costumes, this tool can show you preview. You can easily add super hero costumes stickers on your photos to look like Iron Man, Spider Man, Wonder Woman & more.

You can also share your photo stickers on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram to get more attention.

😜 Emojis & Emoticons :- This option is a very useful option to express your feelings through emojis and emoticons. You can easily add emojis to create memes or show expression.

πŸ™‹ Hat, Flowers & Happy Birthday Photo Stickers : The app contains hundreds of photo stickers including different styles of hats, flowers, happy birthday stickers and more. You can also add realistic animal photo stickers on your photos such as Cute Dog , Lion, Snake , Tiger & more.

The app comes with a quick photo collage maker tool,  beautiful photo frames, photo stickers, photo editing tools, colour balancing tool, photo filters and some more useful options. One of the best photo sticker apps for iPhone users.

PicTouch Editor & Photo Stickers

App Link- ImgLabs sticker app for iPhone

2. 😎 PicsArt Photo Studio With Stickers ( for iPhone & Android ) -

All in one photo editing suite that comes with free custom stickers and user generated stickers. One of the best photo stickers apps for iPhone & Android smartphone users.

πŸ˜‰ PicsArt photo sticker maker tool - PicsArt contains a very useful tool that helps you create your own clip arts and photo stickers. You can create photo stickers by using your own images. This tool lets you turn your images into photo stickers.

The app contains thousands of editing options and lets you edit, retouch and enhance your photographs like professionals. PicsArt Photo Studio includes professional photo editor, photo collage maker tool with lots of options, 200+ fonts, custom stickers maker tool and many other features.

PicsArt app lets you create photos with transparent background and it also lets you add images in your photos. You can easily use both option to create unique photo stickers. One of the best photo sticker apps for iOS and Android users. 

It contains thousands of photo stickers, clip arts and emojis. You can easily edit photos, create funny memes by using these features.

PicsArt photo studio has some unique features such as photo remix option, sticker maker tool, photo sharing option and many more. If you want to add photo stickers on your photographs, try this awesome app on your smartphone.


3. 😍 CollageMe: Collage & Photo Sticker ( Only for iPhone ) -

One of the best photo sticker apps for iPhone users on iOS app store. If you want to try different types of photo stickers on your photographs, this app would be the best option for your smartphone.

CollageMe app contains lots of useful tool such as grid collage maker, freeform collage maker, meme maker and hundreds of photo stickers.

You can find lots of fun photo stickers in different categories and use those stickers to edit your photo &  create funny memes.

Very useful app to add photo stickers, create memes and beautiful photo collages. You can share your creation on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to get more attention..

Recommended photo sticker app for every iPhone users.


4. 😊 Fotor: Editor & Photo Stickers ( for Android & iPhone ) -

Fotor is one of the most popular photo editing apps for smartphone users and it comes with lots of useful editing options including weekly updated photo stickers and photo frames.

If you want to try different photo stickers on your photographs, you must try this photo sticker app on your iPhone or Android device.

Fotor contains lots of useful options such as photo editing tools, photo collage maker tools, stylish photo filters, 300+ photo effects , weekly updated photo stickers and many other features.

Great app that lets you add funny photo stickers on your photographs. If you want to change your look or create funny photographs, try funny photo stickers on your photographs.

This app also contains some very useful tools for graphic designing such as professional effects, ready made templates, regularly updated stickers and other photo decoration options.

App Links- Fotor app for AndroidFotor app for iPhone

5. πŸ˜‰ Moldiv: Photo Stickers & Other Editing Tools ( for Android & iPhone ) -

Very useful photo editing application that contains tons of features including photo stickers and different types of photo editing tools including face beautifier options.

Moldiv app comes with four main tools with professional features which are photo editing tools, beauty camera option, photo collage maker tool, photo filter option and photo objects.

One of the best photo sticker apps for iPhone & Android users and it comes with lots of photo editing related features.

If you want a fully functional photo editing app on your iPhone or Android device, you must try this awesome app which has almost all of necessary features including some unique features such as face beautifier, water reflection, one touch object remover and makeup tool.

Very useful photo app that contains daily updated photo stickers and a sticker maker tool which lets you create your own emojis and photo stickers.

App Links- Moldiv app for AndroidMoldiv app for iPhone

FAQ about photo sticker apps

 How do I make a picture into a photo sticker?

Answer- If you want to convert your picture into a photo sticker, you have to install any good photo sticker maker app on your iPhone or Android. You can use PicsArt, Canva or any other popular sticker maker app for this purpose.

Which is the best photo sticker app?

Answer- You can download ImgLabs or PicsArt photo editor to add realistic photo stickers to pictures. Both of these apps contain hundreds of fun photo stickers.

Which is the best free photo sticker maker app for iPhone & Android ?

Answer- If you are looking for free photo sticker maker app, you can try PicsArt or Canva on your iPhone or Android smartphone. These apps can be downloaded free of cost on your phone.

Which app is the best for custom sticker or personlized sticker? Which is the best sticker app for WhatsApp?

Answer- Sticker maker android app is one of the best custom sticker apps for smartphone users. It lets you create your own custom sticker and allows you to use it anywhere including WhatsApp & other messaging services.

App download link-  Sticker maker app on Android mobile

Which is the best online photo sticker tool?

Answer- You can visit website and use its editing tools to edit your photos online. You will see sticker option in photo editing tools area. This online photo editing tool has tons of useful free editing options including hundreds of free photo stickers.

Website URL- online editor & sticker tool

How do I add funny photo stickers to my pictures? How to add funny moustaches & beards on photos?

Answer- You can use ImgLabs or PicsArt photo sticker tool to add funny stickers to your photographs. ImgLabs photo editing app has hundreds of fun photo stickers. You can also use funny moustaches and beards. You can easily create funny photos with the help of these tools and stickers. You can also add hairwigs to add funny effect on your photos.

How do you set superhero costumes on a photo?

Answer- You can find many apps to add superhero costume on your face. You just need to search "superhero costume photo editor" on the appstore. You can also use ImgLabs photo editing app, it comes with superhero stickers like spiderman, Ironman etc. You just need to place superhero costume sticker on your photo.

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