Try 5 Apps To Download Funny Photos, Videos , Jokes, GIFs & Memes

Do you love funny videos, photos , jokes , GIF images or Memes ? If yes, the listed apps in this article will help you to find & download funny videos, photos, jokes & GIF images on your iPhone & Android smartphone. You can also share your interested jokes, photos or videos to your social media friends. Let's see the list of useful funny apps.

Download Funny Photos & Videos 😜

1. 😜 Instagram Funny GIFs, Photos, Videos ( for iPhone & Android ) -

Instagram is one of the largest platforms on the internet to find and share funny content. If you want to find, save and share funny videos, GIFs images, and photos, You must follow some funny creators on Instagram.

You can find millions of funny videos, memes, GIF animated photos and memes according to your interest. You can also create funny Instagram reels by using its AI based animated effects in filter option. You can change your face into horse, ghost or any funny face by using Instagram effects.

Download Instagram app for iPhone

Download Instagram app for Android

2. 😜 DubsMash - Funny Videos & Music - ( for iPhone & Android ) -

Worldwide famous platform to find & share funny videos and music through trending dubbing videos. If you want to download funny videos, and other entertaining content, Try this awesome app on your iPhone or Android.

With the help of this app, you can easily download funny videos and share with your social media friends to make them laugh. One of the best apps to create or download funny videos.

Download Dubsmash funny app for iPhone

Download Dubsmash app for Android

3. 😜 Tik Tok : Share & Download Short Funny Videos( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the best fun apps for smartphone users and it allows users to create short videos and share with the world. You can find millions of funny videos here.

The app also lets you collaborate with your interested person. The app is one of the fastest growing video sharing platforms and it lets you use their audio library to dub with your video.

If you love funny videos, you must install this app on your smartphone to find , download & share funny videos. This app is banned in India.

4. 😜 Likee - Find & Share Funny Video Clips ( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the most entertaining apps for smartphone users and it comes with various features including acting & lip-sync on millions of dialogue materials around the world.

One of the fastest growing video sharing platforms on the internet where you can share your short video clips with the world. The app lets you create videos with various effects and different magic filters.

If you really want to view or share funny videos, this app must be in your iPhone or Android. This app is not available for Indian users because this app is banned by Indian govt.

5. 😜 Moj Lite ( for iPhone & Android ) Only for Indian users. -

Another great video sharing platform where you can find millions of short funny videos. The app lets you upload & share short videos with funny voice and effects.

MX TakaTak is one of the best alternatives to TikTok for Indian users because TikTok is banned in India.

MX TakaTak  app lets you create high quality short video with professional touch. You can easily create video and share your creativity with the world. One of the best platforms to find & share funny videos.

You can find here millions of funny short funny videos like TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube shorts. 

Download Moj lite app for Android

FAQ about funny video apps

How do you download funny photos? How to download funny videos?

Answer- You can download funny videos from any popular video platform by using download manager apps or tools. In this article, I've listed some very popular video sharing platforms where you find thousands of funny videos and viral clips.

How can I create funny photos or videos?

Answer- You can use these apps to upload funny videos. If you are a creative person, you can easily create funny photos or videos by using video editing apps or meme maker apps. Some of these apps contain funny filters and audio clips which can be used to create funny videos.

How to find funny jokes or memes? How to find & share funny photos or videos?

Answer- Instagram is the best platform to find funny jokes and memes, only you need to search and follow those accounts. You can find and share millions of jokes, memes and funny reels on Instagram.

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