Try 5 Apps To Morph Faces - Fun Face Changer Tools

Do you want to morph faces in your photos? In this article, I've listed here 5 best face morphing fun photo editor for iPhone & Android. These apps can be used as face changer tools. If you want to change your look completely or want to generate new faces, these apps would be very useful for your smartphone.


Best Face Morphing Apps- Fun Face Changer

1. FaceApp- Best Face Morphing App With Editor ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best face changer apps for mobile users and it also helps you morph photos with other photos. The app contains many useful face editing features including background blur option. If you want to give professional touch to your photographs, this app would be the best option for your images.

 FaceApp contains many useful features such as face morphing option, gender swapping tool, hairstyle changer option, face impression changer , background changer and basic photo editing options. Now this app lets you edit your face on videos. Very useful app to morph your photographs. 

Download FaceApp editor on iPhone

Download FaceApp editor on Android

2. FaceLab Photo Editor With Face Morphing Tools ( iPhone & Android )

Another great photo morphing app that comes with different types of face editing tools such as face aging app, gender swapping , cartoon maker and beard look option. FaceLab photo editor also has face morphing tool with different types of face photo filters such as cartoon, zombie, scary joker, Halloween and more. Very useful app and can be used as a FaceApp alternative app.


Download FaceLab editor on iPhone

Download FaceLab app on Android

3. Reface Face Morphing Video & Animated Photos ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of my favourite apps that lets you morph faces in videos. This app lets you add your face in videos and gifs. Reface app replaces your face with realistic facial impression. One of the best AI based face morphing video maker app.


If you want to animate your photo with popular songs, this app would be the best option. The app recently launched a new feature that allows users to animate multiple faces with sound effects. Very useful and recommended fun face morphing app for iPhone & Android users. Very useful app that lets you create video with your face but if you want to access all features of this app, you have to purchase premium plan. 

Download Reface app on iPhone

Download Reface app on Android

4. PicsArt Best Editor With Morphing Tools ( iPhone & Android ):-

All-in-one photo and video editor that has lots of options including face morphing option. You can find this option in photo editing option. You can morph any photo by adding it as a mask. You can find many useful videos on this topic on YouTube. 

 This is a complete photo and video editor app and lets you edit your photo dramatically, only you need to know the process of photo editing. Very useful photo editor that contains thousands of photo stickers, collage maker tool, professional photo editor with layer editing options and video editing tools.

Download PicsArt editor on iPhone

Download PicsArt on Android

5. Face Swap Live To Switch Faces In Live Video ( iPhone & Android ):-

Funny face photo editing app that also lets you morph your photos. This fun app has some unique features such as you can swap your face in live video , apply different face masks and animate your photos with fun effects. 

 One of the best fun face morphing apps for smartphone users and it contains many features such as real time face changer tool, 3d face swapping effects, face search, face editor and more. You can also apply different styles of hats, mustaches, beards, sunglasses , and facial effects on your photos.

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