Try 5 Best Download Manager Including MP3 Music Downloader Apps List

In this app list, you can see 5 best download managers including MP3 music downloader option. Most of these apps let you download all types of files from the web such as videos, movies, music, MP3 songs , documents and other types of files. 

 If you want to download and save your interested photos, videos, songs or files on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can try any of these internet download managers.


🙌 Best Download Manager Apps & MP3 Downloader

1. 🙌 Advance Download Manager ( for Android Only ) -

ADM is one of the best download managers for Android and it comes with many useful features including ability to download music, videos and other types of files from different web portals. 

 Great download manager app that contains some unique features and helps you download your favorite content on your smartphone. ADM lets you download multiple files at the same time with pause and resuming option. With the help of this downloader, you can easily download your interested photos, videos, movies, pdfs , archive files and many other types of files including MP3 music from music web portals.


2. 🙌 IDM Lite : Music Downloader, videos & more ( Only for Android ) -

Very useful downloader app that lets you download movies, videos, mp3 music and other types of files from websites. Featured rich download manager that contains lots of options such as multiple downloading option at the same time, pause & resuming option, torrent file downloading option, downloaded files hiding option & schedule download option.


It also supports of live streaming content which means you can download live streaming videos from online TV channels and other live streaming platforms.


3. 🙌 Documents file manager & downloader ( for iPhone only ) -

One of the best download manager apps for iPhone users and it is available free of cost. The app provides multiple features such as video downloader, mp3 music downloader, PDF downloader , document viewer & editor, PDF maker option, passcode locker and many other features which can only be found in few paid apps but this app offers lots of features free of cost.



4. 🙌 SoundCloud for music & audios ( for iPhone & Android ) -

SoundCloud is one of the most popular music sharing platforms on the web and if you want to listen songs online, this app would be the best option for your smartphone. The app provides many features and offers mp3 songs in various categories for almost all countries.

 If you want to download mp3 music on your iPhone or Android, then you have pay subscription fee for SoundCloud go feature.


5. 🙌 Browser and Documents Manager ( for iPhone ) -

This app is a simple and useful download manager app for iPhone users that lets you download all types of documents and PDFs on your iPhone. Although you cannot download videos & audios through this app, but it is a very useful downloader to all types of documents on your iPhone.

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