Try 5 Best Health & Fitness Apps With Daily Workout Lessons

If you want to get attractive and fit body through regular exercises, these health & fitness apps would be very useful in your daily life. In this article, you can see some very useful health & fitness apps which help you to learn step by step body workout exercises for flexible, attractive and fit body. These apps also come with some useful health tools such as diet planner, calorie counter ,  weight loss planner etc.

🙌 Best Health & Fitness Apps

1. 🙌 Nike Training Club - Workouts & Fitness Plans ( for iPhone & Android ) -

Very useful app for step by step workout training videos and many other fitness materials.


One of the best health & fitness apps for smartphone users and it contains many features such as 180+ workouts classes, training classes for all body parts, yoga , boxing & other exercises, workout timing from 15 to 45 minutes, exercises modes for all level with low, moderate & high intensity. Very useful fitness app for iPhone & Android smartphone users.


2. 🙌 keep Home Workout Trainer ( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the best fitness apps for iPhone & Android smartphone users. Very useful and featured rich fitness training app with your online mobile coach. 

 Keep home workout trainer app contains more than 400 workout training classes, different exercises for different purpose such as fat burning exercises with training videos & muscle gaining training, daily exercise routine, video guidance with personalised plan  and many other features. Great free fitness & workout training app for health conscious people.


3. 🙌 Fitness Buddy- Gym Workout Log ( for iPhone & Android ) -

If you want to gain your muscle or burn your fat, this app would be the best fitness app for your smartphone because it comes with lots of features. 

 The app contains various tutorials & tools including exercises training videos with proper forms, exercise categories for every body parts, daily workout routine for perfect & attractive body shape, and many other features. You can also view & learn lots of exercises for different purposes, track performance of your muscle & weight. Very useful app to achieve fit, healthy & attractive body.


4. 🙌 Calorie Counter by MyNetDiary ( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the best diet planner apps for health conscious people and it comes with almost all types of diet plans for different purpose. As we know, we cannot get fit body without a proper & healthy diet, so if you want to get attractive body shape, you must change your diet to get quick result.

 Calorie counter app would be your mobile dietician and it can help you to get perfect body. One of the best health apps for smartphone users and it includes tons of features such as diet plans, calorie counter, weight loss plan, health parameter tracking options, and many other features.


5. 🙌 Lose it - Calorie Counter ( for iPhone & Android ) -

If you want to lose your weight quickly, this app may be very useful for your iPhone & Android smartphone.

 Lose it app contains many tools and features which would be very useful to lose your fat such as exercise database, diet planner, tracker, health parameter monitoring tools , goal setting option, weight loss tracker with plan and many other features. One of the best health - fitness app for daily workout and diet planner.
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