Try 5 Best VPN & Proxy Apps To Hide Your Identity, Data & IP Address - iOS & Android

In this article, I've listed 5 useful VPN & Proxy apps for iPhone & Android users. VPN or Proxy apps are mainly used to hide your online activity with trackless connection but most of internet users use these apps to access location based blocked or banned websites or content.

Difference between VPN & Proxy Network

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) apps lets you hide your location and IP address through a secure encrypted connection, which prevents others from tracking your online activities. Proxy network do almost the same thing but it works only on application level, while VPN works on operating system level. So VPN app is considered more secure than Proxy apps.


Best VPN & Proxy Apps For iPhone & Android

1. ExpressVPN - #1 Trusted VPN - Secure Private Fast ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best VPN apps for iPhone and Android smartphone and it comes with lots of useful features. You can make your connection secure in just few clicks. ExpressVPN app comes with fast VPN server network, 160 locations in 94 countries, powerful security option, wide language supports, IP and address hiding option, fast webpage loading speed and many other features. You can also keep your identity private on public Wi-Fi hotspots. Very useful app that comes with many useful feature. It also offers 7 day free trial option, so that you can check its service before purchasing VPN plan. 

Download Express VPN app on iPhone

Download Express VPN app on Android

2. Avast Secure browser with fast VPN ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best VPN apps for mobile users and it comes with private web browser. If you are looking for free, fast and secure private web browser, you must try Avast secure browser.


Avast secure browser comes with many useful features including secure VPN with 30 locations, ad blocker, auto tracker detector, fast speed internet browsing ability and powerful encryption to protect identity. Very useful private web browser that has VPN and privacy protection feature including password protection option. 

Download Avast Secure app on iPhone

Download Avast VPN browser app on Android

3. Surfshark VPN- Fast & Secure Browser ( iPhone & Android ):-

Simple and easy to use VPN app that lets you use 3200+ servers in 65 countries. Very useful proxy app that lets you secure your identity online. If you want to access any location based blocked website, this app would be the best option. Surfshark VPN comes with secure connection, 3200 servers 65 countries, private downloading & sending option, powerful encryption and IP hiding features.

 If you want to browse something from different location or just want to hide your IP address, this service may be very useful for your mobile phone. 

Download SurfShark VPN app on iPhone

Download SurfShark VPN app on Android

4. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Secure VPN ( iPhone & Android ):-

Very popular VPN & WI-Fi proxy app that comes with very useful options and it is used by millions of internet users.

 If you want to protect yourself from cyber threat or dangerous trackers, this app may be very useful to hide your identity and protect your connection. Hotspot Shield app has many features such as one tap security, ROBO shield to block spam calls, password manager, identity hider, VPN , encrypted private browser and many other features. One of the best VPN & Wifi proxy apps for iPhone & Android smartphone. 

Download HotspotShield app on iPhone

Download HotspotShield app on Android

5. Nord VPN : Fast & Secure VPN Servers ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best privacy apps for iPhone and Android and it comes with powerful VPN feature. The app has lots of functions and it helps you keep your online identity safe and secure. If you want to browse internet safely, this app may be very useful for your smartphone. 

The app lets you hide your real location with virtual location. You can easily change your internet location and protect your identity from hackers. Nord VPN app has many features such as advance level encryption technology, fast VPN connection speed, make your device secure on public Wifi connection, one tap security and many other privacy protection feature. 
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