5 Apps To Learn Yoga & Meditation On iPhone & Android

If you want to learn Yoga & Meditation on your iPhone or Android free of cost, this app list would be very useful for your smartphone. Here you can see some very useful Yoga apps which can be used to learn Yoga easily with step by step tutorial videos.  Some apps offer all types of tutorial videos for Yoga, Yoga poses, Pranayamas ( Breathing exercises ) , Meditation & Stretching poses.

Apps For Yoga & Meditation 🙋

1. 🙋 Daily Yoga ( for iPhone & Android ) -

A complete Yoga teaching app to learn Yoga asanas, poses , breathing exercises & meditations with video tutorials and interactive Yoga classes. The app contains many features such as 500+ Yoga asanas, over 50 yoga classes, 200+ guided Yoga poses and lots of learning materials. Useful app that has various Yoga & meditation music for relaxation. This app offers Yoga sessions from 5 minutes to 70 minutes.

Yoga is a great way to start your day, get some exercise, and improve your overall health. With Daily Yoga, you can pick from a variety of yoga poses, class types, and weight loss challenges to keep you motivated. Plus, you can download your favorite classes to use offline.

2. 🙋 Download Dog Yoga: Learn Yoga & Meditation ( for iPhone & Android ) -

Useful Yoga learning app that lets you learn Yoga easily from your smartphone. The first 10 Yoga classes are available free of cost. Dog Yoga app contains various suitable music for Yoga practice and offers Yoga sessions from 10 minutes to 50 minutes.

Down Dog provides a unique yoga experience every time, with over 60,000 different configurations. This app is great for beginners, with a Beginner 1 level, and multiple practice types like Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative.


3. 🙋 Yoga Poses & Classes ( for iPhone & Android ) -

Another useful Yoga app to learn more than 20 Yoga classes and 100 different Yoga poses with detailed instructions and visual tutorials. The app lets you learn Yoga easily for different body parts and it offers learning classes for balance, strength and flexibility.

 If you want to achieve attractive, flexible and fit body, Yoga would be the best option for your health because Yoga also helps to improve your internal body system including your mind, brain and digestive system. This app also offers nutrition guide to boost your immune system and improve your metabolism quickly.

The Yoga Poses app has many features that provide countless benefits, some of which include:

  • -Ease of use to transition from one pose to the next
  • -Customizable workout collections to achieve various goals
  • -Unique yoga classes for all levels
  • -Improved flexibility
  • -Improved mental focus
  • -Reduced stress levels
  • -A more balanced body and mind
  • -An unlimited number of sounds and melodies to create the perfect ambiance.


4. 🙋 Yoga Daily Fitness ( for Android only ) -

Simple, clean and easy Yoga learning app that lets you learn different Yoga poses, exercises with demonstration, Yoga classes and read useful health tips according to Yoga. The app contains 30 day Yoga program with video tutorials, daily Yoga workout classes, Yoga music for relaxation, alarm & reminder for your Yoga sessions and tons of Yoga poses with instructions.


5. 🙋 Yoga & Health Tips By Isha Foundation ( for Android & iPhone ) -

If you want to learn Yoga in Hindi or English, this app would be the best option for your smartphone.

Very useful app to learn Yoga online from your smartphone.  it contains detailed information of Yoga, Asanas, Meditation & Surya Namaskar with pictures and videos.

The Sadhguru app features a wide range of yoga practices and meditations for all levels, beginners to advanced. You can choose from a variety of guided or self-guided practices, depending on your needs and preferences. The app also includes a library of articles and videos on yoga and meditation, so you can learn more about the practice and how to integrate it into your life.

Whether you're looking for a way to reduce stress, increase flexibility, or simply improve your wellbeing, the Sadhguru app is a great resource for anyone interested in yoga and meditation.

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