5 Best Chess Gaming Apps For iPhone & Android- Brain Training Apps

In this article, I've written about 5 best chess gaming apps for iPhone & Android. If you are a chess addicted person or want to play chess for brain training, you may try these apps on your mobile. These apps have beautiful and clean chess interface with playing instructions and tutorials.


Best Chess Gaming Apps For iPhone & Android

1. Chess.com app - Learn & play Chess on mobile ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best Chess learning apps for mobile users. It lets you learn and play Chess online with millions of worldwide users. You can easily improve your Chess games with this app, because it contains 50000+ tactics puzzles, interactive lessons and videos. 

 If you are a chess lover or want to learn chess on your mobile, this app would be the best option for your smartphone. The app has many features such as online chess, tactics puzzles, thousands of interactive video lessons from grandmasters, analysis tools, 20 beautiful chess board themes and more. One of the best brain training fun games for mobile users. 

Download Chess app on iPhone

Download Chess app on Android

2. Chess Gaming App ( Android ):-

One of the best Chess gaming apps for Android smartphones. Chess game lets you improve strategic skill and imagination power of your brain. This app may be a very useful brain improving app and it contains lots of useful chess gaming features.


This chess gaming app has lots of features such as ten levels of difficulties, puzzles, helping tool, undo option, 2D - 3D board view with 7 themes and realistic graphics with sound effects. One of the best free chess games with beautiful interface. 

Download Chess gaming app on Android

3. lichess • Play Free Online & Offline Chess Games ( iPhone & Android ) :-

Free & open source chess game for Chess lovers. It has more than 150000 individual users and it's growing fast. If you love to play Chess with challenges, this app would be the best option for your iPhone or Android smartphone. This Chess game has lots of tools and options including board editor and offline support. 

You can play Chess against computer. This beautifully designed Chess app is completely free without ads. LiChess app contains many features such as 80 languages support, computer analysis, puzzles, different variants of Chess game available in offline and online mode and standalone Chess clock with multiple time settings. 

 It supports many variants such as Crazyhouse, King of the hill, Threecheck, Chess960, Horde, AntiChess, Atomic Chess and Racing Kings. 

Download lichess online chess playing app on iPhone

Download lichess online chess gaming app on Android


4.Play Magnus - Train and Play Chess with Magnus ( iPhone & Android ):-

If you are a Chess lover , you would love to play against Magnus. The app lets you play Chess against Magnus ( The world chess champion ). If you are new to Chess and want to learn playing it, this app can be a pocket Chess coach. 

 The app lets you learn Chess with helpful hints in-game. The app has Magnometer tool to guide you on the right or wrong decisions in the game. 

Download Magnus Chess app on iPhone

Download Magnus Chess app on Android


5. Real Chess ( Android ):-

If you are looking for beautiful 2D & 3D chess game, this app would be the best chess app for your Android smartphone. 

The app has lots of useful Chess gaming features including AI with 2400 levels of difficulties. Real Chess app has many options and features such as beautiful 3d graphics with advance options, online gameplay option with 1 million worldwide users and different styles of themes.
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