5 Best Offline Dictionary & Translation Apps For iPhone & Android 😊

In this article, we'll see 5 best dictionary & translation apps for iPhone & Android smartphone and some of these can also be used in offline mode. If you are looking for offline dictionary, these apps would be very useful for your smartphone.

 These apps let you find meaning and usage of words easily in just few taps. Some apps also work in offline mode. Okay let's see the list of useful dictionary apps.


😊 Best Dictionary & Translation Apps

1. 😎 Dictionary.com English Words ( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the best dictionary apps to find definitions for English words. If you want to have the best dictionary app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, try this featured rich dictionary app on your device. 

 The app contains over 2 million definitions, synonyms and word meanings including many other features such as audio word search option, learn pronunciation, spelling suggestion. You can access more features by unlocking in-app purchase plan such as Encyclopedia , sentences example, idioms & phrases, meaning for slangs & rhyming, medical terminology meaning and more.

 This app requires internet access to work.

2. 😎 WordReference Dictionary ( for iPhone & Android ) -

Great app to translate your sentences in English and find word meanings through its large database. The app contains over 2 million questions, discussion and word meaning in English . This app requires internet access to find the meaning of your desired words or view question answers.

3. 😎 WordWeb Offline Dictionary ( for iPhone & Android ) -

If you are looking for the best offline dictionary for your iPhone or Android smartphone, this app would be perfect for your device because it also works in offline mode.

 WordWeb offline dictionary database contains over 285000 word meanings, phrases & derived forms, over 70000 sentences examples, 85000 texts pronunciations, 225000 word senses definitions , synonyms and related words. Recommended offline dictionary for smartphone users.

4. πŸ˜Ž Merriam-Webster Dictionary ( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the most downloaded offline dictionary apps for smartphone users and it has large database of millions of word meanings, phrases, sentences examples , related words, audio pronunciations like native English speakers and many other features. 

 If you want to find word meaning easily on your phone, you must try this dictionary app on your iPhone or Android mobile. Merriam-Webster dictionary also has ability to find meanings and other content through voice search tool.

5. 😎 HinKhoj Hindi English Dictionary ( for Android Only ) -

If you are looking for the best offline Hindi to English or English to Hindi dictionary & translator, this app would be the best option for your smartphone. HinKhoj dictionary & translator app lets you find meaning of your desired words, learn both languages English & Hindi, and translate your sentences easily. The app contains millions of word meaning & sentences in English & Hindi language.
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