5 Best Photo Album Apps With Photo & Hider Tools For iPhone & Android

Do you want to hide your private photos & videos on your iPhone or Android ? If yes, this article can tell you 5 best photo album apps with photo & video hider option. If you want to protect your private photos and videos or documents, these vault apps can be very useful for your smartphone.


Best Photo Album Apps With Photo & Video Hider Tool

1. KeepSafe- Secret Vault Album App ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best photo album apps for iPhone and Android and it comes with a powerful secret photo vault option where you can hide your photos, videos and other content. The app has beautiful user interface and contains many features. 

 You can easily keep safe your family photos, driver's license ID, photo ID, credit card and other important things and save your content on cloud so that you can access from any device.


Award winning photo locker app that contains many features such as easy user interface, easy to use PIN, photo organizer with album locker option, cloud backup option, private camera and many other options. Recommended photo album app that can be used to hide or lock your private photos, videos and other important files. 

Download KeepSafe private album app on iPhone

Download KeepSafe private album on Android


2. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault- Hide Photo & Videos ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best secret photo vault apps for iPhone and Android smartphone users. Very useful app that also helps you create fake app icon for your secret album app. The app contains many features and very useful hide private photos and videos on mobile.

 LockMyPix app has lots of useful options such as lock & encrypt album, secret album, photo video hider, face ID, PIN passcode protection, app icon changing option, create secondary fake vault album, unlimited folders and encrypted backups. Very useful app that can capture photos of intruders ( if someone tries to open your vault ). 

Download LockMyPix photo video hider app on iPhone

Download LockMyPix photo video hider app on Android


3. MyPics Private Photo Album To Hide Photos & Videos ( iPhone ):-

Useful photo album app that lets you create folders for your photos and videos. You can also lock your private photos and videos in this app using photo vault option. 

 MyPics app has lots of features such as photo organizer, photo editor, 50 beautiful themes, calendar view interface, easy album creation option, auto photo backup option, customizable themes and many other album management options. 

Download MyPics app on iPhone


4. Secret Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault, hide photos ( Android ):-

Secret calculator app that lets you hide all of your private photos and videos with a secure password. It works like a normal calculator but when you type your password, you can see your secret albums. The app also captures intruders selfie photo.

 This secret calculator album app has many useful features such as photo organizer, powerful vault, private web browser, shake close option, fake vault option, different themes and more. One of the best private album apps for Android smartphone users and it allows you to hide your private photos and videos on your mobile. 

Download Secret Calculator app on Android


5.  Fake Calculator album app to hide photos and videos ( iPhone )

If you are looking for secret calculator album app for your iPhone, this app must be in your list. The app contains some very useful and unique options which allow users to hide their photos and videos on iPhone easily.

 Calculator app has lots of amazing features such as secret album, powerful password protection, audio locker option, create private to-do lists , secure notes, dropbox backup and many other features. You can easily hide all of your important photos, videos , to-do list, notes and passwords behind a fake calculator app. 
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