5 Best Photo & Video Hider Apps For Windows PC & Mac OS- Hide Private Photos

Do you want to hide private photos & videos on your laptop or desktop? If yes, this article would be useful for your Windows PC or Mac OS. I've listed here 5 best photo & video hider apps for your laptop. With the help of these apps, you can easily hide photos, videos , documents and notes on your computer. Some of these apps also offers syncing option so that you can access those things on any device.


Best Photo & Video Hider Apps For Windows PC & Mac OS

1. WidsMob - Best Photo Vault Software For Laptop & Desktop( Windows & Mac )

If you want to hide photos on safe encrypted place on your Windows or Mac PC, this app would be the best option. Very useful vault software for laptop and desktop users. You can find hundreds of useful photo and video hider apps for mobile, but there are only few software for PC on the web which allow users to hide their personal files on laptop or desktop.

 WidsMob software can easily encrypt your private photos, you can also view your private photos in autoplay slideshow mode. You can find anything in image format such as private photos, photo ID proof, credit card screenshot, drive's license photo copy and more. 

Visit WidsMob website to download photo hider software

2. Photo Vault Pro- Hide photos & other files on Laptop ( for Windows PC ):-

Very useful premium photo vault software for Windows PC. If you want to hide your private photos and other files including documents in a secret place of computer, this photo hider software would be the best option. 

 Photo Vault Pro also offers free trial version for a limited period. Photo vault pro comes with many useful features such as photo hider, advanced encryption algorithms, file shredder , full photo viewer, all types of file format support and more.

Download Photo Vault Pro On Windows PC

3. File hider secret calculator to hide photos, videos & files   ( for windows PC ):-

One of the best photo-video hider software for Windows PC. If you wan to hide your personal photos, videos and other important files secretly on Windows laptop or desktop, you must try this secret calculator app on your system. 

 This fake calculator app hides your private photos, videos and other secret files behind a calculator interface, when you type your password, you can access all of your secret content. 

 The app contains many useful features such as calculator interface, fake login, unbreakable password protection, folder management, recycle bin inside the app, in-built web browser with secret bookmarks and many other useful options.

 Very useful photo vault app for Windows users and it can be tried free of cost. You can download this software from Windows Appstore. 

Secret Calculator app to hide photos & videos on Windows PC

4. Lock and hide folder- Photo & video hider software ( Windows OS ):-

Another great photo and video locker software for Windows PC where you can hide all of your important files from others. You can easily hide all of your private photos, videos and other documents in a highly secure place of your system. 

 This app has many useful features such as unlimited folder creation option, hide or show particular folder, protect your files from all types software and many other features. This vault software claims that your files cannot be accessed even from command prompt. Very useful file hider software for Windows OS. 

Download Photo Video Locker app on Windows

5. F vault - hide secret files on Mac OS

One of the best photo video hider apps for Mac OS. If you want to hide your secret photos, videos and other files on your MacBook, this app would be very useful for your laptop. 

 This app has many. useful features such as all file format support, unlock by fingerprint, cannot be searched from spotlight, easy drag & drop user interface, unlimited folders and highly secure protection feature. Highly secured private vault app to hide your personal content such as private photos, videos & important files. 

Download F-Vault app on Mac OS

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