6 Best Photo Frame Apps For iPhone & Android With Beautiful Borders

Do you want to add stylish photo frames on your photos? If yes, this article is going to list the best photo frame apps for iPhone & Android. These photo frame apps contain lots of features including some unique features.

Some photo frame apps come with quick grid photo collage maker tool with photo frame adding option. You can try any of these best stylish photo frame apps on your iPhone & Android.

Best Photo Frame Apps 😎

I've listed here only those apps which contain photo frames with photo editing options. Some of these apps also contain photo stickers, clip arts, stylish fonts and photo retouching options. Almost all of the listed apps contain professional photo editing tools including beautiful photo frames.

1. 🙋 ImgLabs Pro: Photo Editor & Photo Frame App ( Only for iPhone & iPad )-

ImgLabs app is one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone users. It contains more than 25+ photo editing options including photo collage frame, photo frame, and stylish photo border tool.

ImgLabs app comes with many options including different types of photo stickers. You can find hundreds of photo stickers such as moustaches, beards, eye glasses, tattoos, super hero costumes, clothes for male & female, hair wigs  and more. The app also contains photo editing tools and photo framing tool.

ImgLabs App:- Photo Editor With Stickers & Frames

If you want to show your special moments into single photo collage frame, this app would be the best option for your desire.

With the help of this app, you can create beautiful photo collages with lots of photos. You can also design your frame color and apply different styles of layout by using collage layout tool. Main features of this app:-

(i) You can try different types of photo collage frames and photo frames.

(ii) Apply photo filters, effects, textures and colour effects on your photos.

(iii) Add different styles of photo stickers and objects to your photos including moustaches, eye glasses, hair wigs, costumes and more.

(iv) Create square-fit photo collages for Instagram & other social media sites.

(v) Useful more than 25+ fun photo editing tools to create unique photo or edit photos.

App Link- ImgLabs app on iPhone

2. 🙋 Photo Lab: Best Photo Frame App ( iPhone & Android ) -

One of the best photo frame apps for iPhone & android users and it comes with tons of features.

If you want to try different style of photo effects, photo filters, fun face photomontages, stylish backgrounds, collage maker tool and many other features.

The app provides you lots of amazing tools to create your photos more attractive.

With the help of Photo Lab app, you can easily turn your simple images into stylish photographs.

The app lets you change your look with just a single tap, you can easily add different style of photo effects such as tiger, gangster, nun and many other.

The app contains over 800 photomontages and photo effects. One of the best photo framing app that lets you create stylish photo collages, add fun photo frames and apply stylish filters on your photographs.

App Download Links- Photo Lab app for AndroidPhoto Lab app for iPhone

3. 🙋 PIP Camera Pro: Add stylish photo frame ( iPhone & Android ) :-

Pip camera pro lets you beautify your images with stylish PIP photo frames. The app contains lots of free photo frames which can be easily applied to your photographs.\

You can also customize your photographs by using PIP background with stylish filters. The app lets you try different styles of Picture-In-Picture Photo effects on your photos.

Very useful app that comes with lots of features including a powerful photo collage maker tool, photo editing tools, and lots of magazine style PIP photo frames.

If you want any of these features on your smartphone, you must try this photo frame app. One of the best stylish photo frame apps on the iOS Appstore & Google play store.

App Links-PIP Camera for AndroidPIP Camera for iPhone

4. 🙋 PicsArt Photo Studio: Beautiful Photo Framing Tool ( iPhone & Android ): -

PicsArt photo studio is a complete photo editing app that can be used to add stylish photo frames on your photos. The app contains tons of features and lets you add professional touch to your photographs.

The app comes with many useful tools such as- a complete set of photo editing tools, photo collage maker tool with customization options, free photo stickers, clip arts and photo sticker maker tool and lots of stylish photo frames.

PicsArt photo studio also includes some great features such as photo mixing tool, magic effects, sticker maker tool, professional drawing tool, pro camera , photo cloning option to retouch photographs and hundreds of backgrounds with stylish photo frame.

One of the best photo frame apps for smartphone users.

App Links- PicsArt for AndroidPicsArt for iPhone

5. 🙋 Pic Collage - Photo Frame & Editor ( iPhone & Android ) -

Pic Collage app is one of the most popular photo frame apps for smartphone users which can be used to create instant photo collages with stylish photo frames.

The app now comes with tons of features including photo editing tools, quick photo collage maker tool, lots of photo stickers & Gifs, classic, grid & freestyle collage templates and many other tools.

You can also decorate your photos by using stickers and frames. The app contains tons of photo stickers.

With the help of Pic Collage app, you can easily turn your simple photographs into professional. The app contains hundreds of amazing photo frames with beautiful backgrounds.

The app lets you access thousands of photo stickers, add beautiful borders to your photographs and use professional photo editing tools free of cost.

Recommended photo frame app for iPhone & Android users.

App Links-Pic Collage for AndroidPic Collage for iPhone

6. 🙋 Photo Grid - Best Collage & Photo Frames ( iPhone ) -

If you are looking for a fully featured app to use all types of photo & video beautification tools, PhotoGrid app would be the best option for your iPhone & Android.

The app contains many useful features including stylish photo frames with customization option.

The app can be used to edit your photographs, retouch photos, create photo collages, add stylish photo frames, apply cool filters, edit your videos & create video collages .

One of the most useful apps on the Appstore & Play store. PhotoGrid also contains AR filters which can be used to create extra ordinary photos & videos.

The app lets you access tons of features and you can download this app free of cost on your smartphone.

PhotoGrid contains 300+ photo collage templates, hundreds of stylish photo frames, 500+ photo stickers, 60+ photo filters and more than 90 beautiful backgrounds. One of the best photo frame apps for iPhone & Android users.

App Link- Photo Grid on iPhone

Which is the best free photo frame app?

Answer- You can try any of the listed photo frame apps. Almost all of these apps are available free of cost with ads. You can try PhotoLab, ImgLabs, PicsArt to add different styles of photo frames on your images.

How do you set beautiful photo frames on a photo?

Answer- If you want to set beautiful photo frame on your photo, you must have a beautiful photo frame editor on your smartphone. In this article, I have linked some very useful photo editing apps which contain beautiful photo frames.

Which is the best app for adding photo frames?

Answer- There are hundreds of useful photo framing apps on iOS appstore and Google play store but I have listed only featured rich photo frame apps in this article. You can try any of these apps to add beautiful photo frame, collage layout, stickers and texts.

How do you create your own printable photo frames for walls?

Answer- First you need to design your photo frame by using any of these apps and then you can use any popular online printing service to print your designed frame as a wallpaper. You can try Vistaprint service for this purpose.

How do you set your photo in billboard or other stylish photo frames?

Answer- You can set your photos in billboard photo montage by using PhotoLab app or ImgLabs app. You can find many other apps on app store which allow users to set photos in billboard photo frame.

How do I create beautiful photo collage frames to show multiple photos?

Answer- Almost all of these framing apps contain collage maker tool that can be used to add multiple photos into a collage frame.

How do I create unique photo frames in Grid & Scrapbook styles ?How do you combine multiple photos into a single photo frame?

Answer- You can try PicsArt , Pic Collage or Canva app for to find both type of collage maker tool. Collage maker tool lets you combine multiple photos into a photo frame. Most of photo editing apps come with collage maker tool.

How do I add beautiful borders in my pictures?

Answer- If you want to show beautiful border in your photo, you can try any of the listed photo framing apps. Almost all of these apps have option to add beautiful border, customize border size and colour.

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