5 Best Photo Retouching Apps For iPhone & Android - Retouch & Enhance Photographs

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Do you want to retouch & edit your photos on your iPhone or Android phone? If yes, this article will tell you 5 best photo retouching apps for iOS & Android smartphones.

Almost all of these apps contain professional photo editing tools, retouching tools, cloning option and face beautification options. Let's check the list of useful photo retouching apps for iPhone & Android.

Apps To Retouch Photos On Mobile

1. TouchRetouch : Best Photo Retouching App ( iPhone & Android )

One of the best photo retouching apps on the both app stores. This is a paid app but very useful and you would love using this app.

 If you want to retouch your photographs to remove unwanted objects and give professional touch, you must try this app on your iPhone or Android.

The app has very easy and clean interface and comes with in-app video tutorials.

TouchRetouch lets you remove all types of unwanted items from your photographs in just one click. You can remove any type of unwanted things such as pimples or blemishes from your face, remove defects or show duplicate objects through cloning tool, remove watermarks, remove people from group photos and many more.

Recommended app to retouch your photos easily on your iPhone or Android.

2. Facetune : Best Selfie Photo Retouching App ( iPhone & Android ) -

 You can guess features of this app by its name. Facetune is one of the best photo retouching apps for iPhone & Android users. The app comes with lots of useful features and face retouching options.

 If you want to retouch your photographs and want to try professional touch to your images, this app would be very useful for your smartphone because of its amazing features.Facetune contains lots of photo retouching tools including face beautifier options.

With the help of Facetune photo editor, you can easily beautify your images, remove pimples, wrinkles and other unwanted things from your face, whiten your teeth, beautify your eyes, try different skin colour, erase unwanted things, try hair salon, and use vivid makeup tools.

 One of the best selfie photo retouching apps for iOS & Android phone users.

3. PicsArt Editor: Photo Retouching Tools ( iPhone & Android )

All-in-one photo editor that can also be used to retouch your photographs easily with the help of professional photo editing tools and photo cloning tool.

 Cloning tool lets you remove unwanted things and fill the spot with any duplicate objects. The app has many features and comes with thousands of clip arts and photo stickers.

One of the best photo retouching apps for iPhone & Android users.

PicsArt photo studio app contains many tools including quick photo collage maker tool with tons of photo frames, photo filters, magic photo effects, 1000 stickers, professional photo retouching tools, photo cloning tool, stretching tool, brushes, layers and drawing tools.

 Very useful app to retouch your photographs and remove unwanted things from your photos.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: The Best Photo Retouching App ( iPhone & Android ) 

 Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing & retouching apps for smartphone users and it comes with tons of amazing features.

If you want to retouch your photographs to look like a celebrity, this app would be useful for your tasks. The app contains many photo editing and enhancing tools including photo retouching options.

Adobe photoshop express has lots of features which can only be found in few paid apps such as one touch auto fixer to beautify your photos,  one touch blemish removal tool, 45+ professional effects &  automatic collage maker tool.

It has some unique tool such as photo mixer tool to create different look from different images, photo fixer tool to retouch your facial structure and many more.

One of the best apps to retouch photos easily on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

5. AirBrush Easy Photo Retouching App ( iPhone & Android ) -

 Professional photo editing app that comes with powerful photo retouching tools and photo blurring tool with depth option.

The app lets you edit your photographs, enhance your images, and retouch your photographs easily within just few clicks.

 The app contains many useful features such as skin toning option, blemishes removal tool, face beautifier option, eyes brightening option and lots of photo editing tools.

You can try different styles of photo filters on your photographs, add dslr like bokeh effect with its photo blurring tool and apply amazing effects on your photographs.

One of the best photo retouching apps on iOS Appstore & Google Play Store.

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