5 Best Private Web Browsers For iPhone & Android

Are you looking for private web browser for iPhone or Android? These web browsers let you search your interested content without saving history on your phone. It can be useful while you surfing unsafe website. Okay here is the list of useful private web browsers for iPhone & iPad.


Best Private Web Browser For iPhone & Android

1. Firefox focus - Best Private Web Browser ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best free private web browsers for iPhone and Android smartphones. If you want to browse internet safely, this privacy browser would be the best option for your mobile. Firefox Focus has clean interface and advanced web security features. 

With the help of this private browser, you can easily erase all your data from browser. Easy private browser that automatically blocks online trackers and ads and lets you browse internet with safety.

 This web browser app has automatic privacy settings so that you browse your interested content safely. You don't need to worry about cookies, website login history and other important data. 

Download Firefox Focus private web browser on iPhone

Download Firefox Focus privacy browser on Android

2. DuckDuck Go Privacy Browser ( iPhone & Android ):-

DuckDuck go app is one of the best secure private browsers for mobile users and it helps users to delete all of their search data & history with just one click.

 This private browser app contains lots of options such as one tap data cleaner, lock your app with face or touch ID, enforce encryption, online tracker blocking tool and more. This web browser automatically blocks harmful online trackers and dangerous web scripts and helps you browse website with safety.


Download DuckDuckGo app on iPhone

Download DuckDuckGo app on Android

3. Avast Secure Private Browser With VPN & Ad Blocker ( iPhone & Android ):-

Very useful and featured rich security browser by Avast ( popular web security company ). With the help of this secure browser, you can easily hide your personal identity and data by using VPN feature. Avast web browser contains many useful options such as VPN with 30 locations, ad blocker, privacy browser, data protection, custom browsing mode and sync option for bookmarks.

 If you want to access any type location based blocked website or want to hide your identity, you can use VPN option of this private web browser. The browser has power tools to protect your data and helps you browse websites safely. 

Download Avast secure browser app on iPhone

Download Avast security browser on Android

4. Brave Private Browser With VPN ( iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best private web browsers for smartphone users and it lets you browse websites with safety. It automatically blocks online trackers and harmful scripts so that you can keep your personal data safe.

 Brave private browser has lots of features such as third party cookies & ad blocker tool, pop-up blocker, battery saver technology, tracking protection, private browsing option and VPN.

Download Brave browser on iPhone

Download Brave browser on Android

5. Tor Browser Private & Secure( Android ):-

Safe browser that lets you access web without leaving any trace. Most of people use this private web browser to hide their browsing history from all types of online trackers.

The app lets you browse all kinds of stuff online with freedom. This private browser blocks all types of online trackers, web scripts and ads to protect your personal data.

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