5 Best Fun Educational Apps For Kids - iPhone & Android

In this article, I am going to talk about some very useful and the best educational apps for Kids. If you have kids and you want them to learn basic & important things easily, you must try these fun educational apps on your iPhone or Android. With the help of these fun apps, your kids will learn lots of important things about life and education easily. Okay here is the list of useful learning apps for Kids.


Best Educational Apps For Kids

1. Khan Academy Kids- Free Educational Videos ( iPhone & Android )

One of the best educational apps for kids. If you have kids on your home and want to educate them easily with fun, this app may be very useful for your smartphone. Khan Academy kids app has lots of useful features such as free content without ads, hundreds of useful lessons, personalised learning content, emotional and physical development and many other useful options.


With the help of this fun educational app, you can easily teach your kids maths, phonics, reading, writing and social-emotions. Very useful app that includes fun learning games, lessons, books, songs and Yoga videos. 

Download Khan Academy kids app on iPhone

Download Khan Academy kids app on Android

2. Duolingo Language Learning App ( iPhone & Android ):-

Although this app is not designed for kids but can be very useful for leaning new languages. Duolingo app has many useful features and it comes with easy learning materials. Duolingo app has very useful and interactive learning lessons for more than 35 languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian , German and more.

 If you want to teach your kids new languages easily with interactive lessons, this app must be on your phone. Duolingo app has many useful features such as game like lessons with fun characters, daily progress tracking option, easy vocabulary learning option and easy to follow reading, speaking and listening lessons. One of the best educational apps for Kids.

Download Duolingo Language app on iPhone

Download Duolingo Language learning app on Android


3. YouTube Kids- Fun Learning Videos ( iPhone & Android ):-

YouTube has designed this app for kids where you can find thousands of fun educational videos. If you want to engage your kids with fun educational videos, this app may be very useful. 

 With the help of YouTube kids app, you can easily teach your kids poems, Maths, English, stories, fun educational games and more. Very useful app that comes with many settings and controls such as parental controls option, screen time limitation option, content review, age setting option , approved videos and many other useful options. 

Download YouTube kids app on iPhone

Download YouTube kids app on Android


4. Read Along With Google ( Android ):-

Best language learning app that is designed for kids. Very useful fun speech based reading tutor app that is mainly designed for children aged 5 and above. The app has some unique features and it helps users to improve their pronunciation and reading skill. 

 The app comes with a character "Diya" . She can listen to children when they read and provides real time feedback. The app has many features such as offline support, safe for children, multiple languages support, educational game, in-app reading assistant and personalised settings. Very useful fun educational app for Android smartphone users.

Download Read Along app on Android

5. Chuchu TV- Fun Educational Videos For Kids ( iPhone & Android ):-

Very useful app for kids aged 0 to 6 years. Chuchu TV is a very useful video streaming app that lets you access thousands of fun learning lessons for kids. 

 The app has lots of useful fun videos which are really useful to learn alphabet, numbers, nursery rhymes, animals, fruits, vegetable and more. One of the best fun educational apps and it comes with many features including parental controls, high quality videos and child lock option.
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