Try 5 Apps For DSLR Like Bokeh Effects - Add Blur Effects On Photos

Do you want to add blur effects on your photos like DSLR camera ? If yes, these 5 camera apps would be the best options to add DSLR like Bokeh effects on your photographs.

 With the help of these camera apps, you can easily turn your ordinary images into professional photographs. Most of these apps come with automatic blur effect option with DSLR bokeh effect. Try any of these apps on your iPhone or Android.


Apps To Add Blur Effect 🙋

1. 🙋 FaceApp Photo Editor: With Bokeh Blur Effect ( for Android )-

One of the best photo editing apps for adding DSLR like blur effects. If you want to blur your photo's background, this app would be the perfect option for your smartphone. 

 Faceapp automatically detects your body and add blur effect on background of your photographs. The app contains some more features such as hairstyle changer, hair colour changing tools, photo's background changer tool, beautiful wallpapers for your photo's background, skin colour changing option and photo blur effects. The app contains many face filters and lots of photo editing tools. 

Download Faceapp on iPhone

Download Faceapp on Android

2. 🙋 DSLR blur background ( Only for Android ) -

Very useful app to add DSLR like blur background effect to your photographs. Although you have to add this effect to your photographs manually which may take some time to add your desired effects. The app pic editor has auto blur background tool and manual point blur effect option. Useful app to add DSLR blur effect to your photographs.


3. 🙋 Blurtic Blur Photo Background ( only for iPhone ) -

Very useful app to add blur effect on your photos' background. If you want to blur unwanted spots from your photographs , this app would be very useful for your iPhone.


4. 🙋 AirBrush Photo Editor ( for iPhone & Android ) -

 Professional photo editing app for iPhone and Android smartphone. Very useful app to add blur with depth effect to your photographs. All-in-one photography app that comes with face beautification tools, skin beautification options and body reshaping features which can be used to make your photo more attractive and beautiful. 

 The app contains skin whitening option, pimple & blemishes removal tool, perfect skin tool, slimming option, photo retouching features and many other options. Great app for creative iPhone and Android smartphone users.


5. 🙋 Snapseed ( for iPhone & Android ) -

One of the best photography apps for smartphone users and it comes with tons of features including photo blur effect. If you want to add DSLR like blur effect to your photographs, this app would be very useful for your smartphone.

 The app contains more than 29 photo retouching tools including photo cloning tools, blur effect option and many other features.
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