5 Best Animation & GIF Maker Apps For iPhone & Android

In this article, you can view 5 best animation & GIF maker apps for your iPhone & Android smartphone. If you want to create animated photos, videos or GIF on your mobile phone, you may try these useful animation maker apps on your mobile.


🙌 Best Animation & GIF Maker Apps

1. 🙋 Flipclip : Cartoon Animation Creator ( for iPhone & Android ):-

FlipClip is one of the best cartoon animation creator apps for smartphone. The app contains easy to use tools to create animated movies frame by frame. If you are a creative animator and want to animate your drawing, you must try this app on iPhone or Android mobile. 

The app provides lots of useful tools to create cartoon animation movies. You can also share your creation with the world by using popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. The app provides many options such as art drawing tool set, animation layers editing option, video animation tools, audio editing and animated photos and videos creation options. 

Download FlipaClip animation app on iPhone

Download FlipaClip animation app on Android

2. 🙋 Canva - Graphic Designer App With Animation Tool ( iPhone & Android ):-

Canva is a featured rich graphic designer app that contains almost all types of photo and video editing related tools including animation tools.


If you want to create animated photo or video with attractive titles and animation effects, you must try Canva app on your mobile. The app contains lots of useful tools such as photo editor with effects, video editor, animation tool, GIF maker, sticker maker , collage and more. 

 With the help of Canva, you can easily create all types of graphic designing tasks including YouTube thumbnails and promo videos. 

Download Canva designing app on iPhone

Download Canva designing app on Android


3. 🙋 GIPHY - Gif, Animation & Sticker Maker ( for iPhone & Android ):-

GIPHY is the largest library for GIF animated images and stickers. Although this is not a fully functional animation app but can be used to find all types of animated photos and stickers.

 You can also create your own animated photos and stickers with the help of GIPHY tools and filters. The app lets you create GIFs and animated stickers with fun face filters.

Download GIPHY GIF maker app on iPhone

Download GIPHY GIF maker app on Android


4. 🙋 Animation Text Creator- Animated text video maker ( Only for Android ):-

Animation text creator app is one of the best animation tools for android smartphones. The app contains many useful animation creation options with multi layers and animated texts.

 The app contains more than 500 preloaded animation templates, you just need to edit and customize according to your needs. The app contains many useful animation tools including voice over option.

Download Animation text creator app on Android

5. 🙋 PicsArt Animator- Best Animation App ( for iPhone & Android ):-

One of the best animation apps for smartphone users and it lets you create animation and cartoons easily on your mobile. Although the app has not been updated recently but contains some very useful animation tools to create GIF images and animated stickers.

 You can also draw animated emojis, stickers and art and animated your creation frame by frame. The app helps you create animation with layers and lets you draw cartoons easily on your phone. You can also draw your own photos and create animated selfies. Useful animation app for smartphone users. 
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