6 Best Video Editing Software For Windows PC & Mac OS

If you are looking for fully functional best video editing software for your Windows PC or Mac OS, this article can be very useful. You can view here 6 useful video editing apps with all types of movie maker tools

 Some video editing apps are available free of cost for your computer. Let's see the list of useful video editing apps for Windows PC or Mac OS. This article contains app list for PC users, if you are looking for video editing apps for your mobile, you should visit this page- 5 useful video editing apps for mobile .


Best Video Editing Apps For Windows PC & Mac OS

1. Lightworks- Best Video Editor For All Devices ( Mobile & Laptop )

One of the best video editing tool for mobile and laptop. The online tool can be used to video your videos easily. Lightworks offers both type of plan, free and paid. You can start your video editing with free plan, if you need to edit videos like Hollywood movie, you can subscribe its premium plan. 

 Very useful video editing software that can be used to edit your video clips quickly and easily from anywhere and any device. 

Visit Lightworks website to edit videos

2. VideoPad- Best Free Video Editing Software ( Windows & Mac ):-

Very useful and featured rich video editing software for Windows PC and Mac OS. If you are looking for fully functional video editing app for your laptop, this app can be very useful for your system.

 VideoPad video editor contains many useful features including 50 visual transitions, video editing tools, 60 video format support and editing tools for 3D videos and 360 video files. You can download and use free version of this video editing software for person use.

 If you want to use it for commercial purpose, you need to purchase license from NCH software website. 

Download VideoPad Free Video Editing Software

3. OpenShot- Best Free Video Editor Without Watermarks ( Windows , Mac & Linux ):-

One of the best free video editing software for Windows , Mac and Linux operating system. If you want to edit your video clips with professional tools, you can use this software on your laptop.

 OpenShot app comes with lots of useful options and it available completely free for users. Although you need to learn its interface to edit videos but you can find here professional features free of cost.


You can easily learn OpenShot video editing by searching "OpenShot tutorial videos" on YouTube. With the help of this app, you can edit videos, change background with green screen chromakey option, and replace audios easily. You can export and save videos without watermarks.


Visit OpenShot website to download video editor

4. Blender- Professional Free Video Editor With Features ( Windows , Mac & Linux OS ):-

If you are a animator, 3D model creator, VFX user, gamer or a professional video editor, you would love using this free all-in-one video editing software. The app contains lots of features and can be used free of cost on your laptop or desktop. 

 The app has dozens of features including professional video editing tools. You can find many useful options in video editor such as live preview, chroma effects, audio mixer with effects, speed control, adjustment tools, layers, masks , audio, scene editing and many other movie maker options.

 If you want to use professional movie making software free of cost, you must try this software on your laptop. 

Visit Blender Download Page

5. Filmora- Professional Movie Maker Software ( Windows & Mac ):-

Very useful and easy to use video editing software that comes with various features and it lets edit your video clips like professional movies. You can easily edit movies, video clips and export in almost all supported formats. Free version has some limitation but useful for personal video editing purpose. 

Download Filmora For MacOS

Download Filmora For Windows

6. iMovie- Best Free & Easy Video Editing App ( Only for Mac OS users )

One of the best video editing apps for Mac OS users. It contains almost all types of movie editing features and available free of cost on mac app store. It contains almost all professional movie maker options including Hollywood style trailer maker option. 

 Very useful app that comes with video filters, text on videos, video merging option, sound editing, background replacing option with green screen chroma key option and many other useful features. Highly recommended video editing software that is available free of cost and it has very easy user interface for video editing tasks. 

Download iMovie app on MacOS

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