5 Best Makeup Apps With Virtual Makeover Tools For iPhone & Android

Makeup app lets you change your look dramatically and helps you beautify your photographs. In this article , I've listed 5 best makeup apps which contain virtual makeover tools. These makeup apps can be used on your iPhone or Android smartphone. With the help of these makeup apps, you can easily change skin colour, retouch your face, remove blemishes , try hair salon and use many other tools to beautify your photos.

1. YouCam Makeup ( for iPhone & Android ) - One of the best makeup apps for smartphone users and it comes with realtime makeup tools and skin analysis technology. If you want to try different looks on your face, or beautify your photographs, this app would be the best option for your iPhone or Android smartphone. The app includes lots of amazing features that can be used to beautify your photographs, analyse your skin and get useful tips on hairstyle, makeup, beauty and trending fashion.

YouCam makeup app includes virtual makeover tool, selfie photo beautifier tools, real time makeover tool and hundreds of effects. Very useful app that comes with skin & face beautification tools, eye beautifier , hairstyle changer tool with colour changing option, eyebrows & lipstick makeup tools. Recommended makeup app to beautify your photographs.

2. PhotoWonder ( for iPhone & Android ) - All-in-one photo editing application that comes with some great makeup tools which can be used to beautify your photographs easily. The app comes with a set of professional makeup tool, body beautification tools, skin lightening tool, skin beautification options, collage maker tool, and hundreds of photo stickers and emojis.

PhotoWonder comes with many features but if you want to access makeup tools, you have to click on edit option, then you will see beauty option. Featured rich photo editing app that includes tons of features including photo filters, live camera filters, photo collage maker, magazine style photo frames and many other useful tools.

3. Facetune ( for iPhone & Android ) - Facetune is a premium photo editing app that lets you beautify your face in just a few taps. If you want to retouch your photographs or want to beautify your face, this app would be the best option for your photographs. One of the best makeup apps for iPhone & Android users and it comes with lots of amazing skin beautifying options.

Facetune has lots of amazing features such as perfect smiling tool, skin beautifier, blemishes removal tool, eye beautifier, red & white eye correction option, hairstyle tool with bald patches filling option, facial structure reshaping tools, and virtual makeup tools. One f the best makeup apps for iPhone & Android smartphone users.

4. 365 Perfect One Tap Virtual Makeover ( for iPhone & Android ) - If you are looking for a free one tap virtual makeup app for your iPhone or Android, you must try this awesome app. 365 Perfect app comes with lots of amazing features including 200 pre-set makeover looks which can be applied in just a single tap. The app lets you try different looks on your face and it contains 20 different types of makeup tools. Very useful makeover tool for iPhone & Android smartphone users.

5. VisageLab Photo Makeup app ( for iPhone & Android ) - VisageLab app lets you retouch and beautify your face easily within few clicks. If you want to make your photo more attractive and beautiful, this app would be perfect for your smartphone. VisageLab has many features such as skin makeup tool, shine removal option, wrinkle smoothing tool, teeth whitening, skin colour changing and many other features. One of the best makeup apps for creative smartphone users.

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