Try 5 Best Vault Album Apps To Hide Photos, Videos & Other Files On iPhone & Android

Do you want to hide your photos, videos & other files on your iPhone or Android ? If yes, this app list would be very useful for your smartphone, here you can see 5 best vault album apps to hide photos, videos & other files securely on your smartphone.

 These photo-video hider apps are really useful to protect your private photos from others' eyes. Let's see the list of useful album locker apps for iPhone & Android .

Vault Apps To Hide Photos & Videos

1. Calculator- Photo Vault & Video hider ( Only for Android )

If you want to hide your private photos and videos, this app would be the best option for your smartphone because other people can't guess this app is a photo hider app.

The app works as a calculator but when you type your password, you can access your vault gallery storage. One of the best and safest ways to protect your important photos and videos.

2. Keepsafe - Hide Private Photos & Videos ( for iPhone & Android ) -

 One of the best photo vault apps for iPhone & Android smartphone. Very useful app to hide & protect your photos & videos with PIN or Fingerprint .

 Featured rich vault album app that lets you backup your photos & videos on secure private cloud.

Keepsafe app comes with lots of amazing features and lets you protect and hide your special memories, family photos and important videos from other unwanted person.

 If you use Keepsafe premium option, you can access more features such as Fake PIN option, break-in alerts and more. Recommended app to hide and protect your media files from unwanted people.

3. Fake Calculator - Secret Vault & Private Browser ( Only for iPhone ) -

 If you want to hide your photos, videos and other information in a safe place with password, this photo vault app would be very useful for your iPhone.

The app lets you hide your photos, videos, contacts and browse internet privately.

You can protect your files with fake calculator, this app appears & works as a simple calculator but when you press your password in your calculator keyboard, you can access your content easily.

4. Private Photo Vault To Hide Photos ( for iPhone & Android )

One of the best vault album apps to hide your photos, videos and other files on your smartphone. If you want to hide and protect your private photos from unwanted people, this app may be very useful for your device.

The app contains lots of useful features including built-in private browser app to search internet without leaving history on your iPhone and smartphone.

This app has many useful features such as password protected app entry interface, pin lock, album locker, decoy password, break-in reports, photo management system and many other options.

Very useful vault album app for smartphone users.

5. Vault-Hide Photos , Videos,  SMS, App Lock, Cloud backup ( For Android )

One of the most downloaded photo-video hider apps for android users.

 If you want to hide and protect your photos, videos, sms and other important stuffs with a secure password, this app may be very useful for your smartphone.

This app also lets you backup your important content on a cloud storage service. With the help of this app, you can also lock another important apps.

 Featured rich and useful app locker for android smartphone users.

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